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"I consider Cathy Neidermeyer to be an expert in the field of color and Interior Design.

As someone I have personally trained and one of my former students, I trust her use and application of color and color theory.

I highly recommend her services, and I feel that she has a natural intuitive ability to offer insight and direction to her clients and their projects.

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Painted Ceiling
Her design experience, fine and professional arts training, as well as her studies with me concerning the use of color, give her a broad background to draw upon.

She is reliable and very professional in her handling of business matters and deliverables. In addition, Cathy has a winning personality and the ability to work well under pressure."
_ Leatrice Eiseman
Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute
CMG - Color Marketing Group
Allied Member ASID

"Cathy Neidermeyer made my dream home the one that I am living in."
_ K. Hugh
Bellevue WA

"Concerning Cathy Neidermeyer of Neidermeyer Design Associates: In a word…incredible! Cathy has successfully taken the diverse (and at times very strong) tastes of two individuals (my husband and myself) and created a design plan for our home that enhances the energy of both of our tastes.

For Don and I, the time-consuming and stressful process of selecting furniture pieces, colors, rugs, melted away at the hand of Cathy. Cathy's intuitiveness for design and strong artistic talents are backed by her intense professionalism and natural ability of adding joy to any process. I highly recommend Cathy. She's incredible."
_ S. Elkins

"Choosing a color scheme for a home is never easy, but Cathy makes the project a pure joy. After showing her ideas I had cut out of magazines, Cathy devised a color scheme that suited our tastes perfectly. Her gentle suggestions have kept us from choosing something we might later regret.

Cathy has a marvelous ability to bring together our design ideas and budget without compromising either. The result has been numerous compliments from our guests on the interior design of our home.

Thank you, Cathy for working with us over these past few years. We look forward to continuing the relationship."
_L. J., Commander

"Cathy has an incredible gift with color and with integrating our wants and desires into a warm and comfortable home. Her ability to take what we request and bring it back to something even more beautiful than we could imagine makes us believe that she has a natural, passionate talent for interior design. Never were we faced with too many decisions or choices. Cathy interviewed us and made personal assessments of our likes and dislikes and then brought back to us choices that were even greater than we had imagined.

Her vision for our house and what we wanted to accomplish was heavenly. Our dealings with her were clear and simple. Home remodels can be stressful on the family but Cathy worked her magic and lightened the tension."
_R. & A. Allen, Woodinville, WA

"Cathy brought together colors that I love that I didn’t know how to incorporate them into my home. We had just purchased our home – an older home built in the early 70’s. Our work was cut out for us, and we knew we needed some direction. Cathy provided that direction, and much more.

The relationship that she builds with a client helps her to understand what kind of space would be beneficial to the client. She worked with what we had already picked out, and what we already owned. The result was a living space that spoke to my way of life. Thank you Cathy!"
_ A. Predmore, Sammamish, WA